Below are the pictures of the wall project at National Frozen Foods in Albany Oregon
Above shows the sheet rock walls before the application process begins

Above shows the strand mat being cut and applied to the wall surface which gives the wall strength

Above shows the concrete tilt up portion after mat is applied and ready for sanding, the above expansion joint is box framed
over with 2 X 12 lumber to eliminate exposed expansion joint. Mat is wrapped around to create completely seamless wall

Above shows sheet rock walls after mat has been applied and is ready for gel coat

Above shows the finished CFWS Wall system which is totally seamless and will not yellow or stain and can be cleaned up
with high pressure

Above, more finished wall pictures

Above: more finished wall shots

Here are the old FRP panels that are commonly used throughout the industry, notice the problem areas, our system can
elimate all of these and is totally seamless.  This problem you see above is the reason why National Frozen Foods is using
our CFWS System on their new projects, if you have questions about this job you can call National Frozen Foods and talk to
Bill Obryan or Larry Hargreaves at 541-928-3306

Above, more finished wall pictures with the new lighting installed


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